Today We Discuss Smith & Wesson And Taurus Revolver Holsters



In our most recent blog, we discussed some of our favorite brands of revolver holsters. We told you about our holsters for revolvers like the Diamondback, King Cobra, and Python for Colt. Then we discussed our great selection of Ruger revolver holsters for the Security Six, GP100, SP101, Super Redhawk Alaskan, and the Ruger LCR. But we had so much to say about those revolvers that we had to cut it short.

That means today we’re going to discuss two more brands for which we carry revolver holsters. Let’s take a look at our S&W and Taurus revolver holsters.

Smith & Wesson Revolver Holsters

Is there any more storied and respected brand than Smith & Wesson? Probably not. That’s why we carry more than 80 holsters for S&W revolvers. Here are some of the popular standard and speed holsters we carry for them.

  • Model 6XX – The 629 is a variant of the Model 29 (.44 Magnum, aka Dirty Harry’s gun), the 627 a variant of the Model 27 (.357 Magnum), and the Model 625 is simply the Model 625 (.45). The N-frame revolvers are large-frame, and our US-legal speed holsters can accommodate them all.
  • Model 60 – The Model 60 was introduced in 1965 and holds the distinction of being the first gun made from stainless steel. It started out being able to chamber only .38 Special, but when it switched over to the J-frame in 1996 it was able to accommodate .357 Magnum. We have three different revolver holsters for the 3” barrel and two for the Model 60 2.15 inch barrell. These holsters can also fit Model 649, 640, 632, 63, and the 317 kit.
  • Model 442 – The Model 442 is from Smith & Wesson’s Centennial line of J-Frame revolvers with fully enclosed hammers. Model 442s have an aluminum frame and carbon steel cylinder. They are available in a variety of calibers, including .22LR, .22 Magnum, and .38 Special +P/.357 Magnum
  • Model 686 – Developed on the K/L frame, the Model 686 was introduced in 1980 as the first in a line of successful .357 Magnum revolvers. Depending the the cylinder, the 686 can chamber six or seven rounds of .357 or .38 Special. During its production run, the Model 686 has been available in multiple barrel lengths including 2 1/2 inch, 3 inch, 4 inch, 5 inch, 6 inch, and 8-3/8 inch, and Speed Beez has revolver holster than can accommodate most of those.
  • Model 929 – The Model 929 from Smith & Wesson chambers 9mm. It has a 6.5” barrel and is comes from their Performance Center, specifically made for competition. We have speed holsters, moon clips, and clip checkers to get you ready for your next shooting match.
  • The Governor – Smith & Wesson loves giving their guns numbers for names, which makes The Governor an anomaly. The Governor is a lightweight pistol due to its scandium alloy body, a rare earth element with atomic number 21. (Stainless steel versions are also available.) The standard cartridge is a .45 colt, but it can also accommodate .45 ACP if you grab some moon clips. It can also hold .410 shotgun shells.
  • Smith & Wesson Model 500 – While you might not need a speed holster for such a behemoth, we do carry standard holsters for the S&W Model 500. The Model 500 is a five-shot revolver built on S&W’s largest frame, the X-frame. It fires a .50 caliber bullet, the S&W .500 Magnum. We carry revolver holsters for the 4-inch and 9-inch barrel versions.
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Taurus Revolver Holsters

While we might not have quite the variety of revolver holsters for Taurus as we do for Smith & Wesson, we have a good selection for Taurus’ most popular pistols.

  • Judge – The Taurus judge is similar to the S&W Governor, chambered for.45 Colt cartridges and firing .410 shotgun shells. It has a five cylinder chamber is commonly thought of as a home self-defense firearm. When you’re not at home, we have Judge holsters so that you can have it with you at all times.
  • Public Defender – The Public Defender is a variant of the Judge, made for those who desire to conceal carry. It’s still five shots and shoots the same caliber, but the barrel is shorter and it has a truncated hammer that is less likely to snag on clothing as it’s drawn.
  • Taurus Model 617 – The Model 617 is a snub-nose revolver with a standard exposed hammer, chambered in .357 Magnum and holding seven shots. It can, of course, also chamber .38 Special. It has a very short barrel length at only 2-inches.
  • Taurus Tracker Model 627 – The 627 is a beautiful firearm chambered in .357 and can hold seven rounds of .357/.38 Special. We carry a tactical holster for the 4-inch version of the Model 627
  • Ultra-Lite – Taurus Ultra-Lites are lightweight revolvers that can still pack a punch, from .22LR up to .44 Magnum.
  • Raging Bull – What a monster! The Raging Bull is a huge firearm, and therefore requires a high-quality revolver holster. While it has been chambered for a dozen calibers over the years, it’s is currently available in .44 Magnum, .454 Casull, and .45 Colt. We carry a tactical holster for the 7-inch barrel.

Alright, over the past two emails we’ve gone over four companies we carry both standard and speed holsters for. Head over to this page to find them all, because you and your revolver deserve the best holster around.