Announcing Speed Beez 22LR speed loader system is the fastest and most efficient way to reload. Rev up your revo today! Revolver shooting is fun reloading can be quick and easy our high tech break though design fits Smith & Wesson, Ruger, Taurus, and Rossi and more.

We have the 22LR speedloader for you in available for immediate shipment in 6-shot, 8-shot, 9-shot, and 10-shot, your revolver cylinders will thank you. Grab one today and discover what the buzz is about.

22 Long Rifle Speedloaders

Ruger GP100 10-shot Speedloader

The Ruger GP100 is an excellent double-action revolver released by Sturm, Ruger & Co. beginning in 1985 and continuing through the present. The GP100 has many variances, not just the 10-shot .22LR version that we carry the speedloaders for. In addition to the 5.5” barrel you’ll find on the .22LR, the GP100 is made in 6-shot .357 Magnum and 7-shot .357 Magnum and .327 Federal Magnum. There is also a .44 Special version made. Barrel lengths range from 3” to 6”.

We’ve got everything you need to spend hours on the lanes honing in on your target and mastering your GP100. In addition to the speedloader itself, we also carry 50-shot loading blocks that allow you speedloader to snap right into those next ten rounds. There are also 80-shot and 100-shot blocks that slide right down into Pelican cases. We’ve got the cases too, so that you can drop snap your ammo up tight and not have to worry about it spilling. Need everything at once? Here’s the loader, block, and case all in one.

Ruger SP101 8-shot Speedloader

Smaller than the Ruger GP100, the SP101 has been in the production nearly as long. Since 1989, Sturm, Ruger, & Co. have been producing the SP101, which, along with its brother the GP100, replaced the line of Security Six revolvers.

Currently this stainless steel revolver comes in .327 Federal Magnum (6-shot), .357 Magnum (5-shot), .38 Special (5-shot), and .22LR (8-shot). Until 1998 the SP101 was manufactured in 9mm Parabellum, but it’s has been re-introduced for 2018.

For your .22LR SP101, Speed Beez has developed the fastest and most reliable 8-shot speedloader on the market. Designed and manufactured in the USA, it just takes a simply push to load your next eight rounds into your Ruger. You can reload faster than ever when you pair it with a loading block, letting you reload the speedloader itself in just one second a speedloader for the speedloader.  And don’t forget the Speed Beez Case cases for your loading blocks and speed loader, keeping your rounds in place so you can load up at home and be ready to shoot at the range.

Ruger LCR 8-shot Speedloader

The Ruger LCR is an amazing series of guns. The “L” in LCR stands for lightweight; made of a mixture of a glass-filled polymer and an aluminum alloy, the LCR weighs roughly half of what a standard stainless steel version would normally weight. The “C” is for compact,  the barrel is less than two inches long. The “R” stands for revolver; in fact, since it has a concealed hammer, this revolver is double-action only. Put all of these together, coupled with a lighter trigger pull thanks to a friction-reducing cam, and you have an excellent modern concealed-carry handgun.

Few revolves have taken off in popularity as quickly as the Ruger LCR. In just eight years it has expanded from the original .38 Special to .357 Magnum, 22LR, 22 WMR, 9mm, and  new fo 2018 the 327 Federal Magnum. Of course, you’re probably most interested in the 8-shot and the accompanying 22LR speedloader.

We have what you need for your LRC so that you can get as much shooting in at the range as possible. If you’re a slower shooter and like to calmly take a bead, the 5-banger loading block will hold your next forty shots for your Ruger. But if you’ll be spending more time on the lines or would rather empty your chambers faster, you can fit your next 10 reloads of .22LR in the Speed Beez case with the speedloader keeping everything nice and secure ready for the range.

Smith & Wesson 617 10-shot Speedloader For Model 617

The Smith & Wesson Model 617 is the 10-shot .22LR version of their Model 17, built on their legendary K-frame. Though the Model 17 6 shot is only available in the classic series, the Model 617 10 shot is now the most popular current production. The 617 is made in stainless steel and comes in barrel lengths of 4”, and 6”.

With the Model 617 being such a well-regarded revolver, we’ve created the best .22LR speedloader for it. In fact, we’ve created four! While they’re all made of  quality components, you have the option of getting one of four colors: gold, red, black, and for a limited time, pink. Of course, we also have the loading blocks that will keep you speed loading your speedloader all day long, and our case that will hold the loading block and speedloader so that your next 100 shots are kept secure and in place.

Smith & Wesson Models 317, 43C, 63 8-shot Speedloader

Here are three incredibly-reliable guns from S&W in .22LR. The Model 317 continues Smith & Wesson’s long traditions of kit guns, great for recreational shooting and camping. With an aluminum-alloy frame and stainless steel barrel, it’s made to be lightweight enough to carry around all day. The Model 63 is physically very similar to the 317, but it’s heavier because of its stainless steel frame. Model 43C is an all-back aluminum concealed-carry revolver. It’s internal hammer means that this revolver cannot be fired single-action.

Built on the J-Frame, all three of these revolvers share the same-size cylinder and can therefore accept the same .22LR 8-shot speedloaders. We carry this particular made-in-the-USA speedloader in both gold and pink, as well as a variety of loading blocks so that you can load them up the night before and spend your day at the range.

Rossi Plinker 8-shot .22LR Speedloader

It’s nice when a gun tells you exactly what it’s good for! The Plinker is an excellent option when you’re walking around the property or are shooting cans down by the creek — and it can take care of that water moccasin that gets a bit too friendly, too.

Rossi Plinkers come in 2”, 4” and 6” barrels, and as far as we can tell they are no longer manufactured. They’re a nice little revolver that shouldn’t be too expensive to find on the secondary market. They’re certainly going to cost you less than something like a .22LR Taurus Tracker.

Wanna know something fun? We’re probably the only manufacturer that took the time to make a speedloader for the Plinker. Not only that, but we also have loading blocks so that your next 80 shots are ready. That’s a lot of time out plinking!

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