Galco Miami Classic Shoulder Holster System Kimber K6 Revolvers Ruger SP101 (MC118)


The real deal, Galco’s Miami Classic shoulder rig for the Smith & Wesson J Frame Revolver.

  • S&W J FR 36 2″, J FR 36 3″, J FR 60 2 1/8″ .357 .38, J FR 60 3″, J FR 642, J FR 649 BODYGUARD 2″, J FR 317 3″, J FR 337 3 1/8″, J FR 340PD, 351PD,  J FR 360 3 1/8″, J FR 63 3″, J FR 640 CENT 2 1/8″ .357, J FR 640 CENT 2 1/8″ .38
  • TAURUS 85 2″


The real deal, Galco’s Miami Classic shoulder rig, worn by Don Johnson on the 80’s television show Miami Vice!  Our Miami Classic™ is quite possibly the most imitated shoulder holster system in the world. A direct descendant of the original shoulder system first introduced by Galco in 1970 (then the Famous Jackass Leather Company), the Miami Classic has since become the favorite of professionals worldwide.

A key component of this shoulder system is its spider harness. All four points of the spider harness pivot independently and are connected by our unique clover shaped Flexalon™ swivel back plate, which is a Galco trademark. This results in a perfect fit and lasting comfort for all sizes and shapes.

This system is constructed of premium saddle leather and includes holster, harness, ammo carrier and a set of system screws. The Miami Classic is fully modular. Optional accessories and components may be purchased separately.

Made for revolvers, the Miami Classic is available in right or left hand draw in tan finish.

Harness fits chests to 52″.

Fits the following guns:

CHARTER ARMS BULLDOG PUG .44 2 1/2″ * COLT AGENT REVOLVER, COBRA 2″ (PRE-2017), DETECTIVE SPECIAL 2″ * KIMBER K6S * RUGER SP101 2 1/4″, SP101 3″ * TAURUS327 2″, 605 2″, 606 2″, 85 2″, 94 2″

Additional information

Hand Orientation

Left, Right


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