Multi Pocket 9mm Chamber Gauge (Case Gauge)


The “Chambermaid” is ergonomically pleasing to your hand.


Stop checking you ammo one round at a time… hire a “chambermaid”!


If you’ve been checking your reloaded ammo in a standard single-capacity case gauge, you should hire a “chambermaid”! This beauty will save you time and make sure every reload fits in your cylinder long before you head to the range.

As speedloader manufacturers, we’re not fans of doing anything that wastes time, and that’s exactly what was going on when we checked out reloads with single cartridge gauges. So we came up with this multi-pocket chamber gauge in 9mm that allows you to check up to 19 reloaded cartridges at a time. Did one go in fine but get caught on the way out? No problem…just push it out via the opening on the other side. Each case gauge is milled from aluminum and then finished with a chamber reamer to make sure it perfectly fits the tolerance for 9mm rounds. We also hard-anodize it to ensure it holds up for years to come no matter how many cartridges you check.

Save your time, your sanity, and your firearm by grabbing one of our chamber gauges. We’ll make sure your reloads will fit your cylinder long before you head to the range. Grab a chambermaid today!




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