SPEED BEEZ® Full Moon Clips Alfa Project Czech Point 92316 Shot 9mm (Package of 10)


  • These Speed Beez moon clips are designed specifically for use with the Alfa Project’s CzechPoint 9231 six-shot 9mm revolver.
  • Load these moon clips with high-quality brass-cased ammo ONLY.
  • FREE de-mooning tool to help you remove stubborn spent brass easily.
  • Plus the cool little box the moon clips come packaged in.

In stock (can be backordered)

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The Alfa Project makes low-cost revolvers that have many fans in the United States and abroad. If you own one of these firearms, you have probably noticed how difficult it can be to find affordable moon clips that actually work with this revolver. It is for this reason that Speed Beez has built these clips! Order a pack (or two) today for the best-fitting moon clips your CzechPoint 9231 has ever seen!

  • Speed Beez recommends that you use Czech S&B ammunition in this revolver in order to ensure safe, reliable firing.
  • 0.030 inches thick
  • Sold in packs of 10 moon clips.

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Alfa Project


CzechPoint 9231




6 Rounds


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