SPEED BEEZ® Leather Slide Holster Fits Smith & Wesson J Frame

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Just plane simple easy to understand fits multiple barrel lengths.

  • Belt slots accommodate belts up to 1 5/8″ wide and 3/8″ thick

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SPEED BEEZ® Leather Slide Holster Outside the waistband holster, requires belt.  Custom hand molded from heavy, top grain leather with beautiful stitching and first class craftsmanship.

The number one reason why leather holsters is your best carry choice!  The massive advantage of leather for the cancel carry is stealth because if you can unholster and holster and your gun in silence. From the revolvers beginning leather was the first choice. The top grade gun leather used in the Speed Beez leather holster is beautiful yes it even smells great too like a new pair of boots. The aroma the fit and finish of your leather holsters connects you back to the handgun’s early history, it’s tradition. Drawing your gun from a Kydex holster announces your presence. If you want quiet, if you want beauty if you want to stay true the revolvers roots but want a modern tactical design the SPEED BEEZ®  leather is your first choice.

  • Just plane simple slip your belt through the two loops and holster your J-Frame fits most any barrel length.
  • Speed Beez Leather S&W J Frame Slide Holster
  • Belt slots accommodate belts up to 1 5/8″ wide and 3/8″ thick
  • Outside the waistband. Requires belt.
  • Fits S&W J Frame small revolver
  • Fits Charter Arms 5 shot 38’s

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Smith & Wesson


317, 317 Kit Gun, 329 PD, 34, 340 PD, 35, 351 C, 351 PD, 36, 360, 360 PD, 380, 43 C, 437, 437 CT, 442, 442 LASERMAX, 63, 637, 637 CT, 637 LASERMAX, 638, 638 LASERMAX, 64, 640, 642, 642 CT, 642 LS, 648, 649, M&P 340, PC 442, PC 60, PC 637

Barrel Length

1 7/8” / 1.875” / 4.8 cm


22 Magnum, 22LR, 357 Magnum, 38, 38 Special


5 Rounds, 7 Rounds, 8 Rounds


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