SPEED BEEZ® Moon Clip De-Mooner Tool 38/357 and 9mm


Quick and Easy De-mooner Tool

Works with all 9mm and 38/357 moon clips


Having trouble getting tight brass out of your 9mm moon clips? Try this de-mooner tool! This moon clip tool is great at popping out spent brass so that you can reload, saving your fingers and your time in the process. Made from stainless steel, gives you the mechanical advantage you need  to pry the brass from you moon clips

This moon clip tool comes attached to a carabiner so that you can attach it just about anywhere and always have one at the ready. Works with .38/357 brass and 9mm brass.  Will de-moon your 5-shot, 6-shot, 7-shot, and 8-shot 9mm and 38/357 brass. Grab one today, you’ll love what it does for you!

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357 Magnum, 38, 38 Special, 38+P, 9mm


327, 929, LCR, LCRx, PC 327, PC 327 TRR8, PC 929, PC M&P R8, R8, SP101, Super GP100, TRR8


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