SPEED BEEZ® Moon Clip Checker Smith & Wesson 45ACP 6 Shot Revolver (Model 625/25)


S&W revolver models 22, 25, 26, 625, 325 and the Governor

Model 1917 revolver from both Colt and S&W

Will NOT work with the Ruger Redhawk 45acp

Now you can safely check a loaded moon clip

Confidence when you’re at the line.


There’s nothing worse than being in a competition situation and not knowing whether or not every cartridge is going to slide into your cylinder with no problem. After all, moon clips, reloaded brass, and factory new cartridges can all be out-of-tolerance sometimes. Know this before you start shooting with this moon clip checker for your Smith & Wesson Model 625.

  • Made for Smith & Wesson Model 625 .45 ACP 6-shot.
  • Check every loaded moon clip to ensure each round slides in easily.
  • Great for competitions.

Moon clip checkers like this are an important safety tool. You can check your moon clips without ever having to put ammo into your revolver. Simple and easy to use, you’ll love using it. Drop one in our cart today!





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