SPEED BEEZ® Ruger LCR Six-Shot .22 Magnum 4 Banger Loading Block


Fits Speed Beez speed loaders

Designed for use with the Ruger LCR .22 Magnum


These Speed Beez Four Banger loading blocks makes reloading your Ruger LCR .22 Magnum revolver fast and easy!

  • Each loading block was designed and manufactured in the United States using the highest-quality materials.
  • These loading blocks each hold 24 rounds of .22 Magnum ammo.
  • Using a speed loader and loading blocks will help you greatly lower your reload speeds.

When you want to get out there and put some rounds down range but you don’t feel like lugging along a big range bag or tons of ammo, grab a couple Four Bangers! Designed to work perfectly with the Speed Beez .22 Magnum speed loader for the six-shot Ruger LCR revolver, these blocks are ready to handle any abuse you throw at them. Shop with Speed Beez today for the best revolver accessories available anywhere! If you have questions about anything we sell, please get in touch so we can help.


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