SPEED BEEZ® Smith & Wesson 617 Speed Loader 10 Shot Black Polymer Speedloader


Get the reliability and speed at a lower cost with this polymer speed loader for your Smith & Wesson 617 revolver.

  • Each Speed Beez speed loader is designed and built in the USA.
  • Built to work perfectly with the 10-round, .22LR 617.
  • Our patented design requires no unnatural twisting to secure and release the rounds.
  • Pair this loader with loading blocks for the fastest possible reloads.


This black polymer speed loader is lighter and more affordable than our red or gold CNC-machined speed loaders, but is still extremely strong and reliable. If you want to try out our innovative 22lr speed loaders, this is an excellent way to do so at a lower cost. Check out the rest of our online shop for the best prices on speed loaders, moon clips, holsters, and other revolver accessories.

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One (1) Pack $29.95, Two (2) Pack $49.95, Three (3) Pack $69.95, Four (4) Pack $79.95, Five (5) Pack $89.95 FREE SHIPPING


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