SPEED BEEZ® Smith & Wesson Model 317, 63, 43C 8 Shot 22LR Revolver Speedloader, Loading Block, Case – Bundle


Each Speed Beez 317-08 kit comes with:

  • One Speed Beez speed loader
  • One Speed Beez loading block
  • One Speed Beez case


Everything in this 22lr speed loader bundle is designed to work together — the Bundle combines the Speed Beez speed-loader, Speed Beez speed-block and Speed Beez case. Now you can pre-stage you’re rounds before you go to the range. A simple push down on the speed-loader secures the rounds from the speed-block into the speed-loader, now transfer the rounds to the cylinder and to release, push again, your empty chambers are full. The average person with a little practice can be reloading their revolver in quickly and easily. Fill up, close up, and toss the case in your range. At last, a great why to keep everything nice and neat and ready to go when arrive at the range. Do you need an easier way to reload your revolver? You can have it all right here and now with one click.

Thank you for shopping with Speed Beez — aiming to provide the largest selection of high-quality revolver accessories on our planet.

Is the case waterproof? No, if you need it to be water proof look for the Pelican blocks and Pelican cases.
Built to work with these revolvers:

  • Smith and Wesson 43C
  • Smith and Wesson 317
  • Smith and Wesson 63

Additional information

Weight 0.9 lbs



Smith & Wesson


317, 317 Kit Gun, 43 C, 63




8 Rounds


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