SPEED BEEZ® Taurus Tracker 990, 991, 992 9 Shot Loading Block Fits Pelican 1040 1050 Cases and Fits Both 22LR, Magnum Revolvers


Our loading blocks make reloading your .22LR Taurus Tracker 990, 991, and 992 nine-shot revolvers easier!

  • Designed for use with Speed Beez speed loaders.
  • These blocks will hold .22LR and .22 Magnum rounds.
  • Each block has space for eight full reloads, which is a total of 72 rounds!
  • Fits inside of a Pelican 1040 or 1050 case. (Not included)


Load up these blocks before you hit the range and focus on improving your accuracy and reload speeds instead of spending all of your time slowly reloading your Taurus revolver by hand. We build each loading block from the strongest materials so that they’ll be able to handle time in your range bag. Find all of the most innovative and useful revolver accessories, including revolver holsters, sights, grips, and moon clips, at Speed Beez! You won’t find a better price or better speed loaders anywhere else.

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Rossi®, Taurus®


Circut Judge, Tracker 991, Tracker 992


22 Magnum


9 Rounds


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