TEK-LOK 625 2 Post Belt Rack for Moon Clips (Fits 686, 686 Plus, New 986 9mm)


Holds 2 Fully Loaded Moon Clips,Fits 45ACP 6 shot (S&W Model 625)

Fits 38/357 6 shot / 7 shot (S&W Model 686 686 Plus)

Fits New Smith & Wesson Model 986 7 Shot 9mm


Where are your next shots coming from? If you use this Beez Rax moon clip attachment for your belt, you’ll always have your reloads ready.

  • Use with Smith & Wesson Model 625 .45 ACP 6-shot moon clips.
  • Machined from lightweight aluminum alloy and Delrin.
  • One-piece design secures to your belt easily with PLM Postive Latching System.
  • Magnets keep them in place until you need them.
  • WARNING: Because of the magnet used in this moon clip holder, you should not use it if you have electronic medical devices such as pacemakers and insulin injection¬†systems.

This low-profile moon clip holder is a great carry option for your loaded moon clips. ¬†Try one today and you’ll be convinced!


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