SPEED BEEZ® 625 2 Post Belt Rack for Moon Clips (Fits 686, 686 Plus, New 986 9mm)


  • Beez Rax magnetic moon clip holders allow you to securely carry two loaded moon clips on your belt for use with Smith & Wesson revolvers.
  • We machine these from lightweight aluminum alloy and Delrin.
  • The Positive Latching System quickly and easily secures the moon clip holders to your belt.


When you compete with a revolver that requires moon clips, you don’t have a second to spare. Order one of these moon clip holder systems today and see just how quickly you cut wasted seconds off of your reload times. Like everything we make at Speed Beez, we have done everything possible to keep the quality high.   Shop with us now for an unbeatable selection of revolver accessories.

  • Use with moon clips for the following revolvers:
    • Smith & Wesson Model 625 (six-shot .45 ACP)
    • Smith & Wesson 610 10mm and 646 40SW 6 shot
    • Smith & Wesson Models 686 and 686 Plus (six- and seven-shot .38/.357 Magnum)
    • Smith & Wesson Model 986 (seven-shot 9mm)
    • Ruger 10mm and 45ACP 6 shot

WARNING: If you have an electronic medical device such as a pacemaker or an insulin injection system, you should not use this magnet-based system.

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Smith & Wesson, Ruger


25, 586, 586 L-COMP, 610, 625, 625 JM, 646, 686, 686 DELUXE, 686 PLUS, 686 PLUS DELUXE, GOVERNOR, GOVERNOR CT, PC 325 THUNDER RANCH, PC 625, PC 686, PC 686 Competitor, PC 686 PLUS, PC 686 SSR, REDHAWK


10mm Auto, 357 Magnum, 38, 38 Special, 38+P, 40S&W, 45 ACP


6 Rounds, 7 Rounds


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