Welcome! I’ve been shooting for more than 40 years and due to rising ammunition costs I decided to put my shooting habit on a “low cal. diet.” After attending gun shows for years I amassed a variety of .22 speed loading products. Out of my love for shooting .22s, I sourced some products, contacted suppliers, went online, and SpeedBeez.com was born. Two of my favorite products over the years have been “The Speed Bee”(Speed Bee 617 speed loader) and the McFadden Ultimate Clip Loader. Speed Beez carries .22 speed loading products that can save you money by making it fun to reload on a “low cal. diet!”

When you shoot your Smith & Wesson 10-shot revolver, do you grin from ear to ear? If you want to keep that grin on your face, you’ll need to get into the loading zone. With a .22 speed loader and loading block you can prepare for your shooting session before you go to the range. At the time of this writing, .22s are fun and cheap to shoot — a 550 round box costs less than $35.00!

Speed Beez’ is all about offering you proven reliable products for your favorite .22. Speed Beez is continually searching for proven and reliable revolver accessories that we can offer to our customers at great prices. If for any reason you are not satisfied, neither are we. Contact us if you have had a problem with anything you have ordered and we will do whatever we can to make things right.

Join me at the firing line with that .22 and start blasting! – The head speed bee “Buzz” spends his time at the firing line and saves money shooting 22’s. “Loads of Fun!”

If you have a product that helps rimfire shooters get more trigger time that you would like us to carry, ust drop the Hive an email and we’ll get busy.

We are located in Scottsdale Arizona