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  • Speed Beez Ruger Super Redhawk Speed Loader 6 Shot 44 Magnum (Alaskan)

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Welcome to Speed Beez! Home of the speed-loader, Lever Loader and revolver holsters revolver sights and revolver supplies for the ultimate shooting experience, Speed Beez is the only way to have it! Innovative speed loader designs manufactured right here in the United States of America.

By listening to customer suggestions and feedback, we continued to refine our speed loader design. In addition to our .22 LR speed loaders, we also build speed loaders for many different calibers, including .22 Magnum, .327 Magnum, .38, .357, and .44 Magnum revolvers. We even have a North American Arms NAA speed loader.  To make sure you don’t have to stop shooting until you’re ready, check out everything new.

We are on a mission to stock and sell everything else you’d ever need for your revolver, whether you shoot competitively or for recreation. We carry our own brand of gun leather and Kydex revolver holsters (including Galco Gunleather®), speed loader pouches, gun belts, magazine loaders, and clip loaders. Be sure to check out all of the great products we have available, and come back often because we are always adding new items that make shooting more fun.