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Welcome to Speed Beez! We’re shooters who were looking for the ultimate shooting experience and we simple just wanted to keep shooting and our wheel guns just kept running empty.  We needed a solution a better speed loader. We have tried them all and wanted something different, faster, we wanted the speed loader to be quick and easy to reload too…so we designed one using the nearly famous  Dade Speedloader design from the 70’s Dade was the first to use the garter spring for retention. We improved it, adapted it for the 22 long rifle, made loading trays to keep the rounds ready to reload the speed loaders after all what good is an empty speed loader it need to be refilled faster as well.  Then we manufactured it right here in the United States of America.  By using it ourselves listening to customers suggestions we kept refining our speed loader.  The demand grew we build another and another finally made it available in different calibers…22lr speedloaders, 22 magnum speed loaders, 38 speed loaders and 44 mag speed loaders.  And now the latest addition to Speed Beez speed loader line up is the new speed loader pouch.

We also began to carry everything else you’d ever need for competitive and recreational shooting including holsters, speed loader pouches, gun belts, magazine loaders including one of our favorites from our range bag the ultimate clip loader.  So check out the great products we’re always looking and adding new items so you can have more shooting satisfaction.

For your shooting satisfaction Galco Gun Leather for your revolver. Inevtory is arriving daily and available for immediate shipment.