SPEED BEEZ® 22LR Magazine Loader AKA the “Shaker Loader” – Ruger MK’s, S&W Victory, Browning Buckmark, Neos

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The nearly famous “Shaker Loader” is the ultimate magazine loader for your 22LR magazines.

  • Ruger MARK  I, II,  III, IV, and 22/45
  • Browning Buckmark
  • S&W Victory
  • Beretta Neos


The Shaker Loader is the ultimate clip loader!  How to load a Ruger magazine in as little a 3 seconds….The nearly famous “Shaker Loader” Easily load your favorite pistol magazines in seconds and saving your thumbs and fingers from abuse. The Speed Beez Magazine loader holds 50 plus rounds of .22 ammo and speed loads multiple .22 auto pistol magazines Ruger Mark II, III, IV .22/45, Colt Woodsman, Old Military High Standard, Newer High Standard, and Browning Buckmark, New S&W Victory, Beretta Neos, pistols in just seconds. Simply pour lose rounds into the hopper, shake loader to align cartridges, press the empty magazine into loader pump the magazine in and out slightly and extract. Wow, now you know how to load a 22 mag in 3 seconds! Made in the USA from virtually indestructible polycarbonate. A shooters favorite discover the secret for yourself! Get one now before we sell out! Check the list for your pistol if it’s not listed it doesn’t fit we have tested and tried just about every mag out there for you and this is the list that has PROVEN to work, trust the list!

Beretta Neos,

Ruger MK II,

Ruger MK III,

Ruger MK IV,

All Ruger 22/45,

Browning Buckmark,

S&W Victory,

There are some who will be quick to point out a clip is not a magazine and we at Speed Beez should know the difference.  True, but many gun owners often use the terms clip and magazine interchangeably and we are interested in reaching out to as many shooters as we can with our  loaders.  It makes little difference to us if you call it a clip, mag or a magazine we want to help you load up fast. If you have a Ruger MK 4 magazine the Shaker Loader will work for you If you believe you have a Ruger MK 4 clip the Shaker Loader will work for you too.  Call it what ever you want this ultimate clip loader is a must have.  Call it a clip and you will bump into an expert soon enough and he will be all to happy to educate you on the difference and while he’s explaining you can be loading up  and be ready to go and he’ll still be yammering. Believe me, he won’t have time to finish explaining before your clips loaded up and you’ll look pretty smart because your clips ready to put more rounds down range and his magazines will still empty.  If he still going on load up his clips to shut his lips now you both can have fun putting some rounds down range.  Soon he’ll have empty magazines and you’ll have empty clips, stop quibbling, use the loader have fun!

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Beretta®, Browning®, Colt®, Smith & Wesson®, Ruger®


22/45, 22a, BUCKMARK, MK II, MK III, MK IV, Neos, Victory, Woodsman




10 Rounds

5 reviews for SPEED BEEZ® 22LR Magazine Loader AKA the “Shaker Loader” – Ruger MK’s, S&W Victory, Browning Buckmark, Neos

  1. jeff.patin (verified owner)

    So far it’s the only one, I found that works on a SW22 Victory.

  2. Dougttiot (verified owner)

    Would have been 5 stars if the loader was clear, rather than dark, so one can easily gauge when to refill.

  3. dalestork (verified owner)

    This loader works great If you have a S&W Victory .22 it will save your thumbs. Loads very fast. Thanks for a great product.

  4. Pong Yen (verified owner)

    Holy crap. This thing is amazing! This really works. I use it for my Browning Buckmark. Made in the USA is a bonus.

  5. Ricky Clough (verified owner)

    I purchased this for my Ruger MK IV tactical 22/45 as I have a dozen magazines for it and it takes me 3-4 seconds per mag to reload! I love it! I would like to see at least the lid made of a clearer plastic in order to gauge how many rounds are in battery to load…

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