SPEED BEEZ® Smith & Wesson K Frame Model 648) 22 Magnum 8 Shot Loading Block


This .22 Magnum loading block is built for use with a Speed Beez K-Frame speed loader.

  • We designed this block to be the perfect fit for a Smith & Wesson Model 648 revolver.
  • All Speed Beez Loading blocks are built in the United States.
  • Each of these blocks holds four full reloads for a total of 40 rounds.
  • These blocks are built from HDPE — an extremely strong material.


When you want to spend a little time at the range but you don’t want to drag along your full kit, these smaller loading blocks and a speed loader from Speed Beez is a quick, lightweight way to make the most of your time without having to drag around a ton of gear. The small size of these blocks make loading them easy and fast. Order a few for yourself today, along with all of the other revolver accessories that you need.

Additional information




Smith & Wesson




22 Magnum


8 Rounds


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