Multi Pocket 40 S&W Chamber Gauge


The “Chambermaid” is and ergonomically-pleasing case gauge.

.40 S&W

Stop checking you ammo one round at a time…hire a “chambermaid”.


You’ve got your speedloader to load faster, so why not get a case loader to check your .40 S&W reloaded ammo as fast as possible? If it has to be done, do it fast! That’s what our “chambermaid” is all about, allowing your to load two or three rounds at a time into our chamber gauge. It’s a perfect way to check every round before you put it into your revolver, and easy to remove in case a faulty reload gets stuck in the gauge.

We start with block of high-quality aluminum and mill it on a CMC turn lathe. After that the pockets are finished with a chamber reamer and then hard-anodize to ensure that it will last and serve you well for many years.

Don’t wait until you’re on the range to find out that your reloaded ammo isn’t dropping into your cylinder properly. Check each cartridge for safety with our multi-pocket chamber gauge. You’ll never go back to single-capacity case gauges again!



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