Multi Pocket 45ACP Chamber Gauge (Case Gauge)


The “Chambermaid” is ergonomically pleasing to your hand.

45 ACP

Stop checking you ammo one round at a time by hiring a “chambermaid”.


Each of our 45ACP case gauges is CMC machined from aluminum, and we finish the pockets with a chamber reamer to make sure that each is perfectly sized to 45ACP so that each gauge perfectly fits a properly reloaded cartridge. We hard-anodize each one so that it will hold up to years of helping you check your cartridges.

Why have we taken such care when making these? At Speed Beez we don’t like doing anything one at a time, so we created a case gauge to allow anyone to check their reloaded ammo faster. Our speedloaders will have you shooting faster, so you need a faster way to check your reloaded ammo to make sure it will load into your cylinder properly. You can drop two or three rounds at a time into our cartridge gauge, you can pop it out easily if it doesn’t match the standard.

Our “chambermaid” case gauge is perfect for anyone wanting to speed up the reloading process. Grab one today!


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